We demand immediate release of Mr. A, and immediate drop of his case.


Protest and Request

Mr. Toshihiko Itami
Chief Public Prosecutor
Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office
Mr. Toshihiro Suzuki
Public Safety Department
Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office

We demand
1) immediate release of Mr. A. who was arrested in front of Shin-Okubo
station in Shinjuku, Tokyo on June 16th, 2013 and is still under
detention at Harajuku Metropolitan Police Station and
2) immediate drop of his case.
The arrest and the extended detention of a citizen who protested against
racism are unjustifiable.

Mr. A was transferred to Harajuku Police Station on the following day of
the arrest and was detained there for 10 days. Despite that the court
disclosed on June 27th there were no grounds for his detention the Tokyo
District Public Prosecutors Office requested another extension of 8 days
and Tokyo District Court Judge Emiko Naito immediately approved it.
There are no grounds for such a long-term detention of Mr. A of all the
others who were arrested at Shin-Okubo on the 16th and are already freed.

With the rise of demonstrations staged in Shin-Okubo by Organization Not
Allowing Privileges of Korean Residents known as “Zaitokukai” in
Japanese and other racist groups including hate speech and physical and
psychological violences against foreigners and foreign residents in that
area growing number of protesters gathered on the 16th to declare
themselves against discrimination and express their solidarities with
the residents. It is obvious that such demonstrations are totally
unacceptable in light of international human rights standards including
International Covenants on Human Rights, and protest against the
demonstrators is legitimate, and should not be reproached, let alone be
cracked down.

The nature of the June 16th case was not a conflict between two opposing
extremists but a counter racism action against hate-crime committed in
broad daylight and the police crackdown on 4 people each from the
protesters and the racists to punish the both sides equally. Mr. A
should not be subjected to further detention nor to indictment. The
international community is paying particular attention to how the
Japanese authorities should handle this case.

We call for immediate implementation of the above two demands.

Campaign Against 6.16 Crackdown at Shin-Okubo
Fujio Asano, Lawyer
Satoshi Ukai, Teacher of Hitotsubashi University
Kenichi Endo, Lawyer
Kunihiko Hama, Teacher of Waseda University
Tetsuya Yoshida, Lawyer
Contact Campaign Against 6.16 Crackdown at Shin-Okubo
c/o Kyuen Renraku Center
Ishida Bldg. 5F
2-8-16, Shinbashi
Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0004
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