We are glad to inform you that after spending 20 days in police custody Mr. A was released without facing prosecution on July 5th. While he feels tired and pain on the bruise he got from the arrest he is in good health. We quite appreciate all the efforts you have made to release him.

There are so many problems involved in the crackdown.

The police arrested not only the racist demonstrators but also the protesters. This reflects the attitude of Japanese government being lenient with racists and right-wing extremists and being strict with protesters against discrimination.

Those arrested on June 16th included Mr. A, who was detained for extended periods while the others were released in 12 days. Obviously he did not anything to get arrested, nor were there grounds for such a lengthy detention. We believe it was harassment and retaliation by the authorities for his execution of constitutional right to remain silent and rejection to submit to interrogation. Both the police and the prosecution relentlessly forced him into confessing, and in some cases
 the Shinjuku Metropolitan Police Station tried to drag him to interrogation room. In addition, the police denied him medical care for his injured ankle for 2 weeks. These facts have highlighted inhumane treatment in the Japan’s pretrial detention system known as “daiyo kangoku” in Japanese.
Furthermore, in the court to disclose the grounds for his detention the judge repeatedly said, “we don’t need to answer.”
However, in the face of a number of approvals of our statements and the growing outcry against the Japanese authorities the prosecution had to give up to bring this case to court. We would like to express our gratitude for your support and solidarity and we are sure the network we have established through this campaign will be our valuable assets for future struggle against racism and discrimination.

★ 7.31 Rally – The Crackdown and the Future of Shin-Okubo

July 31, Wednesday
   Open 18:00pm 
   Rally starts at 18:30pm
Shibuya Kinro Fukushi Kaikan Hall #1 Room 
(5-minute walk from Shibuya train station) http://www.city.shibuya.tokyo.jp/est/kinro.html Panels : Satoshi Ukai, Teacher of Hitotsubashi University Akira Maeda, Teacher of Tokyo Zokei University Mr. A Lawyers

 Campaign Against 6.16 Crackdown at Shin-Okubo